Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Art Of Japanese Tattoos

The Japanese are very artistic ppl .. not only are they particular about the kind of tattoos they put on .. they are into the traditional kind of tattoo and in fact, they are gaining lots of interest of late. These traditional tattoos are not done by just any tattooists but traditional Irezumi is done by only the specialist. The reason behind it is because they are so detailed, they not only are expensive by time consuming and very intensive. While some may think covering the whole body like them is not their taste, the Japanese who does this traditional kind of suit that covers not only the back but the arm and the chest can take up to 5 yrs of work - but only once a week visit, since you can imagine, how painful it can be. And the total cost ..?? is as much as US $30,000. But personally, if i were to have any tattoos done, i would rather do something that means something.

Yes.. even ladies do these traditional tattoos to make her body looks more beautiful because it's her Hobby