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Oni Mask Tattoo

Lion Tattoos - Tribal Designs

lion tattooSo you've settled on your choice of tattoo, it has come down to the tribal lion, but where do you go from that? The lion symbolizes many things, and the choice of using tribal designs truly means that you can have a tattoo that is uniquely suited to you. Let's start with the meaning.

Kanji Tattoos

kanji love tattoo symbolJapanese Kanji Tattoos are fast becoming the most popular tattoo design. Japanese Kanji characters are so incredibly artistic and have such mystique that it seems as though they were created ideally for the purpose of tattoos.

Phoenix Tattoos

tattoo picture of a phoenix
The phoenix incorporates notions of life, rebirth and renewal. If you are contemplating a phoenix bird tattoo you need to take these values into account. Also, a phoenix bird of fire tattoo must be of sufficient size to make an impact. This is a magnificent bird and deserves respect - size is important. You simply can't represent the idea of eternal life with a small tattoo!

Hikae Tattoo

Although tattooing in Japan likely extends back into prehistory, the elaborate form that we know today came into being during the Edo period, from the early 1600s to to 1868 (ending with the Meiji Restoration, when Edo's name was changed to Tokyo).

The spectacular and sometimes nearly full-coverage tattoo known as the “body suit” originated sometime around 1700 as a reaction to strict laws concerning conspicuous displays of wealth and perhaps also as an emulation of the fireman's suit or firemen's tattoos (since firemen of Edo were some of the first tattoo clients to embrace the new era of tattooing). Because only the nobility were allowed to wear fine clothing, the middle class person who wanted to adorn themselves sometimes chose a tattoo. The idea of the full body tattoo may derive from the samuraith century and the beginning of the 19th, an illustrated work of fiction imported from China created both unprecedented inspiration and desire for tattoos. The SuikodenThe Water Margin) was a Robin Hood type of tale that recounted the exploits of 108 heroes, many of whom were tattooed. It was a tale that resonated with the repressed classes of the period but it was not until woodblock prints of the heroes were illustrated by Utagawa Kuniyoshi and published in the early to mid-19th century that its popularity exploded. The images were extremely influential in the world of tattoo design and these original prints continue in use to this day.

Japanese Chest Panels Tattoo DesignNot all traditional Japanese tattooing takes the form of the body suit, however. Coverage for various different regions of the body had also become codified. The chest panels, or hikae, in this photo are a classic placement, often blending from the chest, through the shoulder, and into a sleeve that might be long (ending at the wrist, nagasode), seven tenths (ending mid-forearm, shichibu), or five tenths (ending above the elbow, gobu).

Greg is tattooing the right hikae, with the central design element of a tiger. In the Far East, the tiger is considered the king of all animals. Its distinctly striped coloration, alternating black and orange, with white in the face and underbelly, makes it a fascinating subject for tattoo design, one that is often done in full color. In the Chinese zodiac, it is the third sign and people born in the year of the tiger are as mercurial as their symbol: short-tempered and yet capable of great sympathy, prone to be suspicious but also full of courage and power. In Chinese mythology, it is sometimes considered the opposite of the dragon.

In the left hikae, already done, the central design element is a rooster. In the Chinese zodiac, people born in the year of the rooster are considered deep thinkers and loners, whose emotions can swing from high to low. With its sometimes flowing and arching tail feathers and its red-colored head comb, Buddhists have associated it with pride and passion while Japanese Shintoists show it on a drum as a call to prayer. warriors’ sleeveless campaign coat, which typically displayed heroic designs on the back, symbols of courage and pride, or perhaps a guardian deity or dragon. Similarly, tattoo designs began on the back and gradually extended to the shoulders, arms, thighs, and eventually the entire body. Tattooing over the entire front of the upper part of the torso with the exception of a vertical strip running from the chest to the abdomen, gave the effect of an unbuttoned vest. The development of the body suit, though, also coincided with the popularity of fictional tattooed heroes. At the end of the 18 (translated as

Japanese tattoo artwork

Tattoos are trend among youngsters. Japanese tattoo design is now proving to be a smart choice among the youngsters. A lot of credit goes to Internet, which has made the Japanese tattoo artwork even more popular. However, the quality in the artwork is lacking when Japanese tattoo are bought online. Since the web is filled with so much of generic material, it has become near to impossible to find out quality Japanese tattoo artwork. Here we are to guide you to get to the good stuff online.
If you don’t want to settle down to the generic artwork as provided online then avoid search engines to do your search. When it comes to finding genuine and good quality Japanese tattoo designs, search engines provide the worst solution. The “so-called” Japanese tattoo designs provided by the search engines might be already copy-pasted by hundreds of other websites. Ultimately, you will find that many people have already got their skin inked by the same Japanese tattoo design. So why should you compromise with your idea of being different from the crowd? Better skip the search engines that are more or less miss-guiding when it comes to getting Japanese tattoo designs which are not generic art work.

Now that you have dumped the idea of search engines to find the tattoo designs, the final option is visiting Internet forums. They are perhaps the best things invented for locating artwork for tattoos specifically Japanese tattoo designs. Internet forum never seem to fail and they can indeed provide you the best solution for finding your desired Japanese tattoo artwork.

Snake Tattoos

Snake, japanese tattoo flash

Snake, japanese tattoo flash by yoso tattoo.
Snake, japanese tattoo flash, colour/texture test

More On Japanese Arm and Sleeve Tattoo Designs Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoos

Koi fish are probably one of the most popular and deeply symbolic of all the Japanese tattoo designs. In the Japanese mythology it is said that koi fish swim up this mythical stream seeking enlightenment. As they struggle and fight to swim up stream they learn lessons from other animals and they evetually get to the top of the stream and become enlightened and turn into a dragon. Thus as a tattoo they often represent the qualities of strength, power and fighting against the status quo or against adversity. They are also seen as a symbol of good luck. Almost every temple in Japan from ancient times to this very day have some koi pond in front of them. They are seen to be strong and powerful yet at the same time deeply peaceful and reflective. Thus they make for a very power symbol to get a tattoo of

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sleeve tattoos are hot and more and more people are getting full sleeve tattoos these days. Probably one of the most popular source for sleeve tattoo designs are Japanese tattoos. These traditional and classic design work great for a full sleeve tattoo. Their beauty, use of color and rich symbolism has lead these designs to be sought after. In this article you will learn a little more about popular Japanese sleeve tattoo designs.

Angel Tattoos

Ok, so you're ready to choose your tattoo design and one step closer to getting it done. It could look nice, maybe there are some implications to it that you might want to know? Below are a few interpretations...

Angel Tattoos - Angel tattoos are popular among those who wish to use the angel as a religious symbol as it is the angel that personify the devine will and are the messengers of god.

Angel Tattoos

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos - Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos are the perfect partner for the Lotus flower that are very popular among Japanese tattoo artists as the flower compliments the Koi Fish tattoos. The Koi fish is a symbol typically for strength and individualism.

Japanese Koi-Fish Design Tattoo

When it comes to my favorite tattoo with the Japanese Koi fish tattoo design is a leader. Both the beauty and popularity. This drawing represents Zen and symbolizes "Good Luck". The Japanese make a parallel between the Koi fish and a Samurai Warrior because they represent two courage, the ability to achieve ambitious goals and overcome the difficulties of life. Before you rush off and get a tattoo Japanese Koi fish you must consider many factors, including the tattoo color, location on your body, and of course any complimentary inclusions.

What color to choose?

When you finally go to the tattoo parlor for your Koi fish tattoo you must have a clear opinion of the color palette you want to get the tattoo "very popular color is the time-honored Yen Yang design of black and white. For many classic this arrangement is a little too tame and conservative, and they prefer to choose a different arrangement more vivid. For example if you have an olive or dark skin colour, it may be more appropriate to choose a hue brilliant way Koi fish tattoo is more noticeable. If you are wanting to go the more traditional style, you can choose one of Koi natural colors such as white, red, black, yellow or gold, or perhaps a mixture of these colors.

Ideally, it's best to choose a color design that compliments your complexion. As a suggestion, if you have a yellowish tone of the skin, it might be more appropriate to have a gold or yellow and red tattoo. If you have your skin pink, black, white, red, blue or perhaps the best choice of colors for your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design.

Positioning Tattoo

Do you have any idea where you intend to place your tattoo? It is recommended that you make sure that your tattoo Koi fish has a place of honor on your body. You should also make sure that it is in an area of your body that you can live with. For example, if your workplace is a conservative nature, which frowns on workers with the "over there" or body art has a strict dress code, you may not want to your tattoo on your hand, the face, neck and forearms where tattooing is readily visible and almost impossible to hide with clothing.

On the other hand, if you are free to show your luck Japanese Koi fish tattoo design, consider placing it on the small of your back, your forearms, to the side of your neck or even swim around the ankle, which is one of the favorite places for women carrying the tattoo Japanese Koi fish.

Koi tattoo environments

Once you have decided what your tattoo will look like and where it will be, you have to think about what other features you want included in the design. A popular and most effective design Koi is a flow, a calm pond, or even rocky rapids. Combine your Japanese Koi fish tattoo design with a few unique inclusions such as your favorite Japanese symbol and will lead a tattoo of high quality that can be celebrated throughout the years at both the carrier and admirers.

Flower Tattoo on the low back of Teen Girl

Flower tattoo with a beautiful combination of colors, created with the airbrush technique. Background this tattoo with the wave of sea-water make this tattoo designs more artistic.

Entering The World Of Tropical Tattoos

Beautiful flowers make our life more exciting, so it’s no wonder that tattoos of flowers and other bright tropical designs are one of the most popular and ancient types of tattoos besides such designs like evil cobra tattoo. Just like real flowers attract bees and butterflies, tropical flower tattoos attract ...

Flower Tattoo

Dragon tattoo designs

If you consider the Chinese mythology then dragon tattoos are regarded as ancestors of the Chinese people since these creatures were symbols of supernatural and imperial power. Fire spitting dragons have been associated with lightning water dragons which were regarded as guardians of lakes, streams, rivers and individual pools.

Dragon tattoo designs

Dragon tattoo designs

Dragon tattoo designs are some of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. People from all cultures and nationalities have fallen in love in dragon tattoos. Both men and women of all ages are great candidates to get a dragon tattoo. There are many different types of dragon tattoos and it can be difficult to find the best dragon tattoo designs. If you are planning to get a tattoo, you owe it to yourself to find the best looking tattoo design.

Dragon Tattoo

Asian Dragon Tattoos

hannya tattoo design no2 ! dark and evil!

Hannya by Horimouja

Jack Mosher's (aka "Horimouja") latest book of Japanese Hannya mask designs is possibly his most refined tattoo design book yet.

Sprial-bound, softcover. 50 Single-sided pages. Measures 11" X 13"

Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo T-shirt by ryurakudo

Japanese Hannya Mask Tattoo

Hannya Mask Tattoo - What Does It Mean?

Hannya Mask Tattoo - The hannya mask is just one example of the many different types of masks used by the traditional Japanese actors of Noh theater. Noh performances are very stylized representations of traditional and well known stories, developed in Japan during the 14th century. The masks are used to convey the identity and mood of the various characters, who number nearly eighty in the different tales. The hannya mask is specifically used to represent a vengeful and jealous woman. Her anger and envy have so consumed her that she has turned into a demon, but with some important traces of humanity left. The pointed horns, gleaming eyes, fang-like teeth, combined with a look of pure resentment and hate are tempered by the expression of suffering around the eyes and the artfully disarrayed strands of hair, which indicate passionate emotion thrown into disorder. The deeper and more extreme the coloring of the face, the deeper and more violent run the emotions of the character. Tattooing takes full advantage of these fanciful and engaging images, often using them in larger pieces of Japanese work or sometimes juxtaposing masks of good and evil characters. Often a Noh mask will also appear in isolation, as a work of art unto itself, not unlike the actual masks which are highly prized and very collectible

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Japanese Sexy Body Art Tattoo

Japanese Sexy Tattoo in Hand

Sexy Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo Design The X art

Tribal Tattoo design

Tribal Tattoo Wolf design

Tribal Tattoo tiger design

Tribal Tattoo Dragon design

Dragon Tattoo!Asian_Dragon_Tattoo_(uncomplete).jpg