Friday, July 10, 2009

Body-Painting Sports Fans

You've seen them in magazines, on television, and most likely they've been screaming and cheering just feet away from you at the stadium or ball field. The half yellow, half green guy. The three all blue guys. Or the carload of kids all with wings on their foreheads or brightly-colored numbers on their faces.

Body painting is a favorite with sports fans, letting them show their love for their team and displaying more than the average interest and intensity than everyone else sitting around them. In high school, it often starts with all the kids painting their faces and then going to the big homecoming game. In college, being up for a big bowl game can be serious enough to warrant full torso painting.

For fast and easy body painting, nothing works as great as a small set of Caran D'ache crayons. If you moisten them by dipping them quickly in water, they turn right into paint sticks that work great on the skin. They are nontoxic, come in a great range of colors, and clean up with soap and water. Cautions include red colors being able to stain skin and watching out for getting it on fabrics.

If you want to go up a notch, give water-based makeup a try. These are often small pots or jars which you can put on with either your fingers or a small brush. This stuff is a tad less damaging to clothes and is made to come off your skin with just soap and water. Caution when wearing it as if you get super sweaty, your own sweat can make the paint run.

If your team is up for the finals and your body painting needs to be right there with them, you want to use a type of makeup called greasepaint. It's oil-base and needs to be set with powder, but this is the real deal! It's what was invented for old-style theater usage and will stay put even if you are sweating and will even hold up if you get water splashed on you. You will need some sort of skin oil and/or cold cream to liquify this stuff and then you wash all the oil off with soap and water.