Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Get A Good Tattoo

(Part 2)

By Henri and Kayce Montegut

Hopefully, now you have found a respectable tattoo artist and studio. Your next decision will probably be choosing the design for your tattoo. Many people can walk into a studio and choose a design off the wall but then there are those who want to design their own special tattoo. Custom tattoos are great because they allow you to express your personal creativity. Considerations in design are: size of the tattoo, placement of the tattoo, and finally the subject matter itself.

The size of the tattoo is a major component. For example, if the design is very detailed then you would not want the tattoo to be too small. The reason for this is because the skin stretches and shrinks over time and small detail will blur if it is done too small. The next aspect to consider is the placement of the design. Size, along with the shape, of the design should fit the area where you would like your tattoo placed. For instance, the chest accepts a circular design easily whereas a lower back piece might flow across your hips. In the same instance you would not want a tiny tattoo placed in the middle of a large area, such as the middle of the back. This allows the tattoo to flatter that part of the body as much as it possibly can. Following these considerations the tattoo will flow and fit that particular part of the body which makes the design that much more attractive.

Finally we come to the subject matter of the design which many believe is of the most importance. However, as we have just shown, this is just one step in choosing the best tattoo for you. Many people choose subjects that have deep personal meanings, while others choose designs because they simply like them. Both are good reasons for getting a tattoo. However, some of you may still not know what tattoo you want. To help trigger your creative energy try visiting a tattoo studio and simply browse through the designs on their walls. Always remember when looking for a design you should be able to work with the artist and let them help you with the designing process. Remember they are the professional and should be able to guide you through this process. It is at this point that you can explain your idea or you may want to bring in examples of your idea. Remember to take your time. There is no point in rushing something that will be with you for the rest of your life!

Remember these three aspects of choosing your design and you will be sure to get a tattoo that you will be proud to show off.